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Disposable Face Masks Form £2.84 per Box



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Cafes, Restaurants & Bars

Cafes, Restaurants & Bars


Leading PPE Equipment & Hygiene Suppliers


Supplying approved lateral flow test throughout the UK. We also stock a wide range of PPE and hygiene products to businesses and offices. Our online shop is easy to use and next day deliver is available on all products.

Our product range includes, Lateral flow test kits from government approved manufacturers such as ACON and Healgen.

Surface disinfecting wipes and nitrile disposable gloves, masks and fogging and misting solutions.

Our focus is to supply quality, cost-effective PPE equipment and advice to support organisations and businesses nationwide and creating a safer workplace environment. With a service you can trust

Our Clients

Our clients include schools, colleges, local Councils, beauty salons, retail shops all over the UK, as well as industrial organisations with bespoke services that need our products according to requirements and regulations.

PPE equipment and hygiene Supplies

Lateral flow testing kits for businesses from trusted manufacturers, ACON Flowflex and Healgen.

Drug and Alcohol testing kits for workplace testing.

We also supply antibacterial hard surface disinfection wipes, medical grade nitrile

Gloves, Type11R medical face masks and visors, disinfecting systems for fogging machine applications.

As one of the leading PPE equipment suppliers in the UK, we support all businesses and offices with our products that remain open and operate as usual, as well as businesses that need our supplies for their staff and customers. We supply PPE equipment and products to businesses and organisations nationwide via our warehouse and online shop.

Do not hesitate to contact us today if you have any enquiries about the protective equipment we have in stock. Most of our products are UK-based and we are available to reply to any questions about the PPE and hygiene products that we supply and how we can help you.

Our Product Supplies

Hand-surface disinfection wipes & hand sanitisers

We supply a great selection of hygiene, hand-surface disinfection wipes and hand sanitisers at affordable prices. Our products are UK-based, coming in bulk and larger quantities, ideal for environments that operate with a larger amount of staff such as office buildings or education organisations, or public workspaces such as gyms, pubs and restaurants.

Our disinfection wipes are suitable to use on hard surfaces, desk areas and electronic equipment, while some of our hand sanitisers also come with the option to purchase with a hand sanitiser dispenser.

UK Worksafe is a leading Yorkshire-based, PPE and hygiene products supplier. Explore the range of the hygiene products we supply here, including some of the best disinfectant wipes for your office, coming to you by Uniwipe.

As a leading UK supplier, the PPE equipment we supply includes a great stock of PPE, Nitrylex disposable gloves, powder-free, (blue or black), serving various purposes depending on your needs. They’re perfect for everyday use, ambidextrous, providing high safety with their effective application. Explore our range of disposable gloves here.

A wide range of face coverings

We offer a wide range of coverings that serve different professional purposes, such as regular face masks, respiratory face masks and shield coverings which are highly-recommended for beauty salons and hairdressers. Our face covering products include the best-sellers, premium respiratory face masks FFP3 and Honeywell Superone 3207 FFP3. Explore our full range here.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Kits

Drug and Alcohol testing is essential to businesses wanting to maintain high levels of safety in the workplace. Our simple saliva test gives accurate results in under 10 minutes and is a vital tool in reducing the risk of the damaging effects of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

Lateral Flow Testing Kits

We supply many businesses with the most trusted rapid antigen and lateral flow test kits that provide a reliable and accurate diagnosis. UK manufactured kits are available, SureScreen approved antigen test kits to are Government approved and made in the UK. Our lateral flow antigen test kits come in individual boxes and bulk packs, working with the leading manufacturer of Surescreen and Flowflex lateral flow test kits, we are helping many businesses to continue to work safely.

Healgen Antigen Rapid Lateral Flow Test. Highly accurate and with easy-to-use instructions, this product comes in bulk box of 20 tests and individual boxes, all government approved.

We supply businesses all over the UK, via our online shop. Do not hesitate to place your order today, regardless of your location. Find out more about our trusted, reliable COVID-19 self-testing kits here.

Also also supplying individually boxed Panodyne saliva test kits for Covid-19.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements by email at sales@ukworksafe.co.uk, or by filling out our Contact form