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One Shot Total Room Sanitiser - £4.99 per can 150 ml (EX VAT)


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• Certified sanitisation to BS EN1276, EN1650 and EN14476 standards

• Delivers a mixture of alcohol and quaternary disinfectants to sanitise indoor areas

• Aerosol sanitiser will disinfect an area of 75m³. This equates to a standard room size of 6m x 5m (based on a standard room height of 2.4m)

• Developed to quickly and efficiently kill viruses including COVID-19 and prepares areas for ‘return to work'. Can also be used to sanitise an area daily

• As an ‘area’ treatment helps sanitise fabrics such as chairs/carpets, and more intricate surfaces where viruses can stay hidden from manual cleaning such as light switches, keyboards and telephones

• Place aerosol canister can as centrally as possible, ensuring all windows are closed. Set the button to discharge and leave the area ensuring the door is closed behind you. Allow can to fully discharge with no return within 60 minutes. Ideally left overnight

• Suitable for all forms of public transport at the end of the day or shift. Buses, coaches, cars & pool vehicles.

• Suitable for offices – after daily/nightly clean.

• Suitable for canteens or areas where people congregate.

• Suitable for communal areas such as meeting and conference rooms.

• Suitable for visitor reception areas.

• Suitable for holiday homes, caravans and boats