3-in-1 Saliva Drug Tests – 25 Pack

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The 3 in 1 Saliva Drug Test will test for the 3 most commonly abused medications and street drugs in the UK.

This is a brand new ergonomic design that means it is fully portable and simply requires the person being tested to put the test under their tongue for ~30 seconds. You then just wait for the results to appear.

This test will look for the following drugs of abuse:



This drug test kit is a fully portable and simple to use. The 3 drug saliva test and just requires the person being tested to put the test under their tongue for ~3 mins. Not only is this the easiest and most accurate drug test to use. It is also, as best we know, the only oral drug test that is specifically produced for the UK market. It covers the 3 main street drugs found in the UK.
How do drugs get into the saliva? The salivary glands are only separated from the surrounding blood vessels by a thin skin. Active ingredients such as drugs and medicines penetrate this membrane and pass from the blood into the saliva. For this reason, test results in blood and saliva are very similar. This is why the saliva 3 panel drug test is very effective.
What are the differences between the 3 drug saliva test and urine tests? The saliva test is, in contrast to the blood test, non-invasive and therefore easy to perform everywhere. The results are almost identical to the results of blood analyses as the transition from blood to saliva is very successful. Although THC enters the saliva to a lesser extent, as THC accumulates in the oral cavity during smoking, so it also provides reliable evidence.
What advantages does the 3 drug saliva test offer in contrast to a urine test? The saliva drug tests are a very efficient and reliable method of detecting drugs due to their high level of agreement with the confirmation analysis in the blood. In contrast to urine tests, a manipulation of saliva samples is almost impossible because the test can be monitored at any time without harming the privacy of the test person.
Step 1Start by washing or sanitizing your hands, ensuring they're thoroughly dry.
Step 2Open the test kit and prepare all necessary components.
Step 3Place the test under your tongue for approximately 3 minutes, ensuring it's properly positioned.
Step 4After the 3 minutes have passed, carefully remove the test from under your tongue.
Step 5Inspect the test lines on the device. Look for visible lines in the control (C) and test (T) regions.
Step 6Interpret the results based on the appearance of the lines:


Both the control (C) and test (T) lines will appear on the device.
Only the control (C) line will appear. The test (T) line will be absent.
No lines will appear on the device. If this happens, the test is invalid and should be repeated.

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