Alcohol Testing Strips – 25 Pack

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This is a simple saliva test to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva and so can provide an estimation of blood alcohol levels. This test can be of use if you want to know if you are safe to drive the morning after heavily drinking the night before.


Why do I need a saliva test? If you have been drinking heavily the night before it would be useful to know whether you are over the limit the following morning. Especially if your job involves the ability to drive or concentrate. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at which an individual becomes impaired is variable depending on the individual, such as size, weight, metabolic rates, eating habits and alcohol tolerance will play a part in the results a saliva test strip will give.
How accurate is this test? It is well established that the concentration of alcohol in saliva is comparable to that of blood. The relationship between the amount of saliva alcohol and blood alcohol is 1:1 while with breath it is .000048:1, making saliva a more sensitive testing medium than breath.
Step 1Ensure nothing has been placed in the mouth for 15 minutes prior to testing. This includes non-alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, coffee, mints, food, etc.
Step 2Allow the pouched dipstick to reach room temperature (15-27°C) before using. Open the foil package and take out the test dipstick. Examine the reactive pad on the dipstick. If the reaction pad is blue before applying saliva, discard it and do not use.
Step 3Saturate the reactive pad with saliva either from a collection cup or directly by applying saliva to the pad. This usually takes around 6-8 seconds to fully saturate. Start a timer immediately after applying the saliva.
Step 4After 2 minutes, compare the colour of the reaction pad with the colour chart on the foil pouch to determine the relative blood alcohol level.


No colour change means alcohol has not been detected.
A colour change on the Saliva Alcohol Rapid Test Dipstick indicates the presence of alcohol in the saliva. The colour can range from a light blue at 0.02% relative blood alcohol concentration to a dark blue near 0.30%. A colour lighter than the 0.02% pad indicates alcohol presence but at a concentration less than 0.02%.
If the reaction pad is blue before saliva application or if only the outer edges of the pad show colour, the test is invalid and should be repeated.

Testing Limitations

  • Consuming food, drink, or other materials (including smoking) within 15 minutes of testing can cause incorrect results due to potential contamination of the saliva.
  • The test is highly sensitive and can detect alcohol vapors in the air, which may be present in many environments. If alcohol vapor presence is suspected, perform the test in a vapor-free area.
  • Over-the-counter medications and products containing alcohol can produce positive results.


Store the Saliva Alcohol Rapid Test Dipstick between 2-27°C (36-80°F) in its sealed foil package. If temperatures exceed 27°C, the test's performance may degrade. If the product has been refrigerated, ensure it reaches room temperature before opening the pouch.

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