Easy Wipe Strong White

£39.90 Incl VAT
£39.90 Per Item (Incl VAT)

A durable wipe, ideal for critical cleaning and for use in a range of different environments.


The Easi-Wipes® Strong White is essential for cleaners needing a highly absorbent, durable wipe that ensures a high-quality clean finish every time. Grease, oil and water spills are all quickly wiped up with the Easi-Wipes® Strong White, and its extremely low-linting nature guarantees no residue fibres are left behind.

Its soft texture lends itself well to the gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces but this is not a wipe that will easily disintegrate during use either! The Easi-Wipes® Strong White is resistant to both chemicals and solvents, making it an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications and environments.

Pack Size: 2 rolls x 400 Cloth Rolls
Each Cloth: 30cm x 38cm
£19.95 Per roll
Made in the UK